Talking to your Belly

“Why don’t I remember entering your birth canal?” Sally mused, rubbing her stinger’s abdomen. For some reason, she REALLY liked it…

“You passed out shortly before entry,” Jessy explained, patting her belly. “You were out for three hours. How far along is the transformation?”

“Well, my wings aren’t totally there yet…” Sally replied, “but the stinger is… Why can’t I stop touching its abdomen?” she asked, draggingher fingers across it.

Jessy chuckled. “It’s almost hilariously foreign to you, so your body wants confirmation it’s really supposed to be there.” She sighed and caressed her belly.

“How long will I be in here?” Sally asked, fluttering her wings experimentally.

“Eh, nine months or so,” Jessy responded, shrugging. “Maybe more, or less. Hard to tell with unbirthed humans.”

Sally nodded slowly. “Seems reasonable,” she said. “What about Melissa and Cici?”

“They had me wipe their memories of you,” Jessy said softly.

Sally didn’t respond. She was completely in shock.

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