Mother-Daughter Talk

“I’m not sure what you expected,” Jessy said, crossing her arms and buzzing her wings. “After you forced them to enter your womb? They were traumatized.”

Sally felt horrible. The way she’d been… She hadn’t given them a choice, just pulled them in despite their protests.

She curled up and began to sob. “I’m such a monster!” she wailed, tears streaming down her face.

Jessy frowned. She had to calm her down… but how… Suddenly, her expression brightened.

“Why don’t I tell you how Hiveling society works?” she asked cheerfully.

“O-okay…” Sally murmured.

“This will take a while, so get comfortable,” Jessy instructed her. She smiled as she felt a movement inside her, then a depressed “I’m ready.”

Jessy took a breath…

And began her explanation.

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