Hivelings Pt. 1: Prologue

“Cassidy, wake up!”

The teenage Hiveling groaned as she was awoken by her mother’s voice. “Aw, c’mon mom,” she moaned. “Just a few more minutes?”

“It’s your first day of high-scool, and you know why you can’t miss that!” was her mom’s response.

Reluctantly, Cassidy got out of bed, making sure not to stab her pillow with her stinger. Her wings buzzed as they unfolded. She walked to her dresser, pulled out a yellow dress with a bee drawn on it, and took her pajamas off to replace them with the dress.

Born to Jessy East on April 25th, 1997, Cassidy was unaware of her previous life as a human, which was probably for the best. Her mother was the only one who knew.

For Cassidy, all that mattered to her was making a name for herself.

This is her story.

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