Hivelings Pt. 3: Introductions

The bus driver, a middle-aged woman with a thin body and flat figure, appraised Cassidy up and down. “Strange…” she murmured. “You seem familiar…”

“Well, I’m pretty sure we haven’t met,” Cassidy replied. “I’m Cassidy East.”

The driver smiled. “My full name is Cici Adams, but most people call me Miss Adams. Pleasure to meet ya, kiddo.”

She looked ahead. “You’ll like Taura High,” she said. “Only school in the USA that ENCOURAGES education of and mingling with half-breeds such as yourself.” She smiled warmly, then continued, “Unlike my old school.” She chuckled and shook her head. “Go grab a seat,” she said.

Cassidy nodded and walked down the aisle. Most seats were full, but then she noticed a catgirl at the back. She was holding a letter and was crying.

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