The Third Traveler

He stood up carefully on the slanted plane, grabbing on to a brick protrusion for support. His head pounded strongly, and a sudden dizziness swept through him. Luckily, the floor beneath him had a rough surface, and he was able to keep his balance as his head subsided it’s throbbing tattoo.

Where am I?

He had never seen any place like this. The stars up above were arranged in a different manner, and the tree tops that he could see over the edge of what he assumed to be the roof of some tower or castle were foreign to him.

As he focused on his other senses to try to come to grips with the whole situation, he felt the remnants of a powerful incantation slowly drifting away on the breeze.

He snarled, a low growl building in his throat.

So this is some magician’s idea of a prank, huh? Well, once I find them, they’ll wish they’d never heard of magic!

William turned his head, looking for an escape route. A few yards away, an open window, built into the roof, beckoned to him. Time to find that magician….

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