Hivelings Pt. 9: Vore


A line of people stood in front of a male neko wearing military camoflague. The Vore class was apparently going to be taught by a drill sergeant.

“You have all been specifically selected for this class,” he said, “because you need to learn two things! ONE! How to make the most of prey in the wild! TWO! How to protect people effectively!”

He began to pace, looking for someone to help demonstrate. “You there,” he finally said, pointing to a young female naga. “Come here.”

She slithered over to him nervously, standing(?) next to him.

“NOW!” the neko yelled. “Before I demonstrate, I am required by school law to tell you that this will seem very dangerous! As such, I ask that none of you freak out! Those that do will lose five points on the first quiz.”

Everyone stared, their confusion turning to alarm when the naga girl was swallowed whole by the instructor.

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