Hivelings Pt. 10: Explanation

The only reason they didn’t run was because they were too shocked for it to occur to them.

Ivan swore in Rusdian, wings buzzing loudly. “Is not physically possible…” he murmured.

“And yet…” Cassidy muttered, eyes wide.

“…Oh my god!” someone yelled. “He killed Jenny!”

“Two things wrong with that, son,” the instructor said. “One: Jenny is perfectly fine, and in fact I will spit her back up in a moment. Two: That’s a South Park reference, isn’t it? Don’t watch that, it’s full of filth.”

He coughed the naga up and helped her get back on her metaphorical feet. “Now, what I showed you is, contrary to what Ivan said, physically possible.” He checked his watch, then said, “I will be your teacher for this. My name is Ryan Clark, but I must ask you call me MISTER Clark. Let’s start with the basics…”

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