Neither a good or a bad thing,
But I can see the grease seeking through.
It’s about time you took care of that.

But instead of what most people do,
I’ll offer my assistance.
But also, let me admit that I don’t really get along with my peers incredibly well.

But I am good at somethings!
I like to be helpful.
I’ve always been especially good at
judging how much farther down is 6 feet.
And also the useless things,
like admiring and seeing the shine through
people and trees and plants and animals.
I’m good at writing sad poems,
but people tire of that quickly.

Though, I never do.

The snow today has made me terribly sad.
Well, you know I’ve waited so long for the falling leaves.
I’m afraid now, they’ll just be frozen and break off from their
twiggy branches.

I know, I know,
Just wait for next year,
maybe it will be better.
But who knows if I’ll even be here
this time next year!

I could be in the clouds,
Or in the northwest
where there are only mostly pines.

Maybe mountains would fill the place in my heart

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