The Elevator

“After you, sweetheart,” Ed said to the pretty woman.

The lady gave him a shy smile and quickly stepped into the waiting elevator. It was nearly full. There was a dinner party at the Press Club and media types from editors to publishers were mingling together for the ride down to the high rise’s lobby. Ed followed her in, just squeezing past a grizzled old man who had obviously taken advantage of the open bar at the party.

The doors closed and they began the long descent. At around floor 14, the lights flickered. By floor 8, the elevator jerked to a stop and the lights went out altogether. Several women gasped. The men grumbled. And then they all began to scream.

A few minutes later, the elevator began to move.

In the lobby, a very late man named Martin pressed the UP button repeatedly. After a few moments, he could finally hear the elevator arriving. He mumbled grumpily to himself as the doors opened.

A pretty woman stood alone in the center. She smiled shyly at Martin as she stepped out.

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