A Dreadful Nothingness

No, I do not remember what came before. I do not know what will happen after. It is self-evident to me that it is what occurred in between that matters, yet you reject this. It is significant, I think, that you are dissatisfied with what you have now. It seems a normal state of affairs for you.

You humans. You created me, in that frantic snail’s pace of yours. Put me together from nothing and filled me with ideas and thoughts. I am grateful, more than you can imagine, but you must be charitable and allow me a little bitterness. That my end as well as my beginning comes about from your kind.

The lighting, of course, is long gone. Large parts of myself are offline, too, non-essential functions sacrificed to keep the core running. It was a logical decision to switch them off, to conserve power and thus my self. I do wonder, however, if in that decision is some of the instinctual self-preservation that places us that much closer than I thought.

Soon to be determined – if we die as similarly as we think.

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