Setting or Rising?

The sun is stuck hanging low today.
I do and don’t feel sorry for it.
But I’ve always been bad at choosing sides.
There is truth on both sides.

I really don’t think there is good and bad.
There is what you think is right
And what I think is right.
And if those things are different,
you are evil.

So this low-hanging sun,
better straighten up and
set or rise.

And my cake had better set and rise,
because brunch would be so sad without
an artificial pink vanilla splenda sweetened
With cream and a cherry.

No, I’m sorry, it seems as if I’ve used the last cherry.
But that’s fine, it’s all the same.

Let’s check on our sun.
Finally it’s rising.
Sometimes I wait all day for the night.
I’d love to nap under the sun
And find wake to it’s voice saying,
“I’m going home,” setting.
I’ll be sad for a moment,
but then the moon will come out.
And I’ll feel mostly complete.

For a few days,
when the new moon waits to show up,
I’ll want the sun to stay for a bit longer.
Or rather, for the whole night.

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