Lilith (Part 1)

From the dust, I was breathed into the land of the lambs, the garden of origin, Earth.

Life is the greatest gift to me. The test of survival, moving with rotating axes, and nourishing your body like you would a tree…I feel so lucky to have it. I know that I am made of earth and Earth is made of me. Therefore, we respect and challenge one another.

It was never written about me, but I was the first composer of music. I would sense coloratura on the wind to decorate the rushing legato forever hymn of the river across the way. I taught chords to the birds and the wood.

It was I who took stone to stone until they sparked and made fire. I paved the path from the mountain to the forest for navigation. You would find me nursing our steeds when they fell ill, and training them lovingly otherwise. I gathered berries until my feet were covered in soil, collapsing from contented exhaustion.

I am strong.

I am so strong and so happy with the work that I did.

I am the strong woman, Lilith.

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