Visitation: a question

Nami found her heart beating harder as she watched her guest. It was something about the way she moved, or the strange flash of gold in her eyes which only sometimes showed: Nami suspected she was something more than human. She ate very little; anxious, Nami offered to slaughter her one of her chickens if she wanted more. Ina shook her head and smiled.

“Thank you, but I already have all I need here. People don’t show hospitality like you anymore.”

“Ah, you’re very kind. I’m not so quick to abandon the old ways.”

When Ina stopped eating, hands rested contentedly in her lap, Nami faltered. She had wanted to ask her name, and where she was travelling, but these questions were now forgotten. She looked Ina in the eye.

“You aren’t…are you one of the gods?” Her hands flew to her mouth. “Forgive me.”

Ina reached up and took her hands to calm her.

“Don’t worry. You’ll have heard of us visiting mortals, in the stories.”

“Yes – but oh, I’m sorry I can’t offer you more.”

“I told you, I have all I need.”

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