Visitation: an answer

“Are you testing me?” Nami asked. “To see if I will act piously?”

Ina smiled. She looked different than when she first arrived, Nami realised; her eyes were too large and too bright, and her hair somehow more voluminous.

“You’re the only one who let me in, who showed me hospitality, all day and all night. You’ve done well.”

Nami shook her head roughly. “I’m sorry. I can’t believe my countrymen would not let in a guest. It’s against all I was brought up to believe, when I was a girl.”

“Ah, well. They have their reasons. In the last few years, there have been stories.”

“So I’ve heard,” Nami said. “And people are frightened to let strangers indoors. But they’re only stories. I can’t think where they’ve come from.”

“Hmm,” Ina’s smile was wry. “Well, why do you feel it necessary to take strangers in, if not because of stories you were told?”

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