Let's Rock

“Let’s Rock!” yelled, thirteen year old Travis, as he cranked his dad’s cherished Alpine Home Stereo System.

Travis “air guitared” fervently to a god awful Nickelback song, clutching a pair of sewing scissors as if they were a mini Les Paul.

His mom stormed into the living room, livid, “Off! You have a paper to write.”

“But, I wanna rock!” Travis retorted.

Dad came into the room, scowling, “Nickelback does not belong on MY stereo.”

“But Nickelback rocks!” Travis exclaimed.

“Nickelback sucks!” dad replied, “How about, The Beatles, Paperback Writer?”

“NO!” Travis chimed back, “That’s old.”

“Well, it’s better than what you’re listening to. Ok, we can do something newer though. How about The Clash, Rock The Casbah.”

“What? What is that? No. How about the Scissor Sisters?” the young Travis asked.

“Well I like the concept . . .” dad chimed in.

“Absolutely not,” mom jumped in, “You’re dad’s just getting his rocks off because of the name Scissor Sisters. Turn the stereo OFF. Go write your paper.”

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