The Search for a Real Supervillain

The study was going rather well. Participants were scoring high on the ‘tools’ scale, a few had artistic and emotional notes in their files, but none had ‘it’. The person who had ‘it’ would be unpredictable, violent, crude, and yet mask it all in a calm demeanor for everyday life.

Mark walked into the gray room and removed his suit jacket. In the middle was a cool metal table bolted to the concrete floor. On the table were a rock, a sheet of paper, and a pair of scissors. “You have all three. Do something with them.” A voice commanded from speakers.

Mark looked up into a two-way mirror for a full minute. He knew someone was watching. The red unblinking eye of a camera stared at him from the corner.

He picked up the rock and threw it against the wall like a fastball. It split into three. He picked up the smallest bit, and used the scissors to crush it onto half the paper. Once it was a fine powder, he carefully rolled the second half of the paper into a tube and snorted the rock.


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