One Last Beautiful Thing

Remiyu Fukasawa stepped through the door of his one-bedroom flat. He often wondered if it had been worth it: following in his mother’s shoes and going into mental health. The children he worked with had all had it so much harder than Remiyu; how could he possibly advise children from broken homes when his mother, Yuriya, had given him and his sister everything they needed?

The phone rang. It was his sister, Satoyo.


She was always so excitable when she had news. As press secretary for a major world power, she was always traveling, and it always made her day. They always had to talk in code though, when she called.

“Something new happening with the Boss?”

“Kyoto, Remi-kun!”

“But sister, Kyoto is in Japan.”

“I know that, but do you know what is happening in Kyoto right now? The cherry blossoms are coming out, and the Boss has let me take mother!”

Remiyu was quiet for a moment, before letting a smile cross over his face.

“Yes, she deserves one last beautiful thing.”

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