Airships: Through the Darkest of Nights

Hawkeye took a moment to compose himself, adjusted his scarf, and gave the poor midshipman such a glare poor Keanan nearly fell off the ladder.

“We – we’re in sight of the crossing. The – the c-captain wants all crew belowdecks as – as soon as possible.”

The boy tried to salute, nearly let go of the ladder, bumped his head against a support beam, and hurriedly disappeared. Hawkeye looked at her exasperatedly, moved to her side in one elegant motion, and spun her towards the hatch like she was a partner at a waltz. Inside, his heart was both bursting with hope and heavy with dread.

A Janse-Lomberg does not just find love. There is always a catch. The universe is not that kind. It’s too good to be true.

Which made it even harder to look at her; even harder when he couldn’t help but smile at her beautiful eyes instinctively narrow in suspicion before relaxing into a smile, too.

Too good to be true. Too good to be true.

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