Experience Agents: Prologue

‘The proof is in the pudding’. No one knows the origin of this piece of wisdom, but is the driving force behind the life and death chances and risks Experience Agents take to earn life. Few succeed.

One inbred family controls a large portion of earth’s wealth. Ninety years ago a class of mercenaries, the Doubloon, set out to assassinate these few in hopes of destroying their empire and, due to strict death and estate taxes, much of their wealth would be distributed.

It only took one successful assassination to drive the family into Panic Compounds. Due to this acquired paranoia, one flaw spread throughout the bloodline; thanatophobia, the fear of death, and they became known as Thanans.

Due to this phobia gene, before taking any type of risk or chance, Thanans hire individuals to “test” every possible scenario. Many die. The individuals who survive these dangerous tasks are elevated, receiving the title of Experience Agents, who, though brave of heart and nerve, fear the Doubloon most.

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