Noir: The Unexpected Letter

Ten years she was out of my life and I wanted her to stay that way. But today… a letter.

I tossed back the remainder of my whiskey, then set the empty glass on the desk behind me. I stared through the window, through the rain, at the city outside. Rivulets ran down the curbs, eventually to be swallowed up by the sewers. Black umbrellas and black hats moved on the side walks, black cars on the roads. Grey concrete, grey pavement, grey sky, grey people. Grey mood.

I turned and sat at the desk. Opening the desk drawer, I pulled out the bottle and poured myself another double.

I picked up the envelope and pulled out the letter again. The scent of lilacs, her scent, wafted from the paper. The note itself was simple:

  I need to see you. Meet me for dinner at 8:00 at the Topaz. — M.

As far as I knew, she was still married to the rich swank that she’d left me for. She’d always been chasing money and a gumshoe like me sure as hell didn’t have any.

I glanced at the clock. It was 5:30.

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