Cursed Peoples

It’s a dangerous game we play
The pieces are lives, the players are fate, and the rules are non-existant
The world is run by sadists, played in by the blind, with the few who use their ears to hear the possessive merciless laughter

If we aren’t cautious, the demons and devils will consume us all, reducing the world to ash
And yet people live their lives recklessly, thinking their actions have no consequences
Til the day it comes full circle, and they realize that judgment is upon them

And then, it’s too late

They are consumed, with no hope of escape
Consumed by the burning flames of their own corrupted souls
And the beasts of hell laugh as the souls of the damned rain down on them
Plunging deeper into that dismal abyss, never to see the light again

And there they dwell, for all eternity, with the monsters and beasts too vile for human witness, serving as play-things for the cursed.

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