Ch. 6 - Expectation

Jack waited in the airlock off the lobby. Since the Great Panic, all uptown buildings had an airlock between the lobby and the street. By waiting in the airlock, he circumvented the security cameras, neat trick. The drawback was that he could not see the elevators in the lobby. The frosted glass of the airlock door prevented that.
“Don’t worry Jack old boy,” he thought to himself, “charm never goes out of style.” Had he piqued her interest enough? Had he blown her away? Did she have the guts to come down? He turned on his heels with a bit of excitement to look out the other side of the airlock. The uptown streets were bustling with action. Vehicles zipping by, ped-sleds moving between them and those on foot scurrying for airlocks of neighboring buildings.
He still had trouble taking it all in. The streets really captivated his attention. Was it so different than from his time? His introspective moment shattered-
The airlock doors hissed and slid open to reveal his dark haired friend.

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