Ch. 7 - Overwatch

“They are together, she left my locale with him.” Adrian Stevens stood by the elevator bank outside the party. He spoke further, “They are probably heading into the street.”

“I think you should just tag them right now and have the Bureau pick them up.” came an authoritarian and disturbed voice through Stevens’ earpiece.

“Sir, may I remind you that the Director requested that the Bureau not be contacted for any reason during this phase.” continued Stevens as he entered the elevator and headed down to the lobby.

“I know full well the Director’s wishes, " he started, “I am not as big a fan of ‘Jack’ as he is, as you know. I think the whole thing is going to blow up in his face.”

“I understand sir, but… It is my field assignment, and it will be me who tags them and brings the Bureau in, me,” Stevens asserted himself like never before. He was invested in this case, something about her…

“Go on Stevens.”

“Let me handle this for now. I believe I can manage this incident with the grace required.”


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