Noir: On the Way Down

“I’m heading out, kid. Before you go, run down to the liquor store and pick me up another case of whiskey.” I pulled out my wallet, counted out $40 and handed it to Tugger. “I’ll see you at the Topaz.”

Closing the door behind me as I stepped into the hall, I walked to the elevator and waited for it to arrive.

Tugger seemed a good kid, inexperienced but eager. I hadn’t wanted to hire him. There had always been a certain advantage to having something shapely and distracting in the outer office, but sour financial luck had left me in debt to his uncle, a debt partially forgiven by hiring Tugger. Frankly, I suspected that he was a plant. He’d be gone as soon as I could do it safely.

The doors opened, I stepped in and pressed the button for the lobby.

Maryanne’s reappearance was a mystery. It wasn’t like her to associate with people she’d wiped her feet on. Unless, of course, there was some way she could still use them…

On the ground, I made my way through the rain to Gunn’s Bar and Grill. I needed a drink.

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