“God you’re so beautiful, Amy.” I run my fingers lightly over her pale breasts. “I don’t believe I have ever met anyone so perfect.” She takes my hand, sucks my lip into her mouth, and I know that we are to be one again.

Goosebumps ignite our skin as we taste each other; no one has ever been as sweet as her. I feel her soft, small mouth travel down my neck, onto my nipple, then her fingers digging into me. Could she take me any higher? “Kayla!” she breathed. My hands slide behind her head and grab her thick, dark hair. I stare into her black eyes, and it feels as though she is swallowing me whole.

As I continue to ravage her intoxicating body, her moans fill my ears; I drown in the depth of her presence, yet I feel only sin and lust when letting her take me over. A raw pain surges through me as she rips open my skin with her teeth; it feels so good to have her suck the black blood from my wounds, and it feels even better to drink hers. And so I wonder, is this what it feels like to make love to Satan?

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