Noir: Tension Headache

Even though the rain continued outside my office windows, I knew the sun had set. I had about fifteen minutes to review the books before the night on the floor would start for me. I would be out there, humping and pumping my guests, making them all feel as special as Mr. D.

I pulled out a leather-bound ledger with worn pages and flipped it open to yesterday’s date. I stood and went to the wall safe hidden behind a false panel next to the bathroom door. I put last night’s cash take in there, like I do every night. I trust Fabrizio with the guest list, the hosting and attending to the guests, but not with the cash take.

Once opened, my hand reached in for a familiar strongbox. Yes, I do lock my cash up while inside my safe. I pulled it out, put it gently on the desk and produced the only key from my pocket. I enjoyed counting cash, my cash, the crispness of some bills, the frayed edges of others. Insert key and click to open. The box was empty.

The room began to spin as my brain throbbed in my skull.

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