Noir: Press Conference

Turning quickly, I caught a glimpse of motion as my tail disappeared into an alley about 40 yards back. Another mistake… purposely losing sight of your target.

A few quick steps brought me to the entrance of my apartment building. The overhang gave me welcome respite from the drizzle. It also effectively put the entire area in shadow. I blended myself into the darkness as best I could.

A moment later, a man in a brown trench coat passed by without noticing me. He entered the phone booth a few steps further on and closed the door behind him. I stepped out from the entry way and quietly approached the booth.

His coat, patched in places, had seen better days. His shoes were likewise worn. Not a man with much access to money; I could sympathize.

He didn’t say much to whoever he was talking to, whom I could not hear except to note the volume of his voice. He finished the call, turned and opened the phone booth door. It was then he saw me. I looked him in the eye.

“Now,” I said, “who the hell are you?”

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