Out of the Wind: Orders

They stepped through the hatch into a flat white world, a pure blanket of snow hiding the devastation beneath. Tarn scanned the skyline: not a building left standing.

“How could this happen?” he whispered. “And to not know…”

“Hardly unexpected, Commissioner”, replied Daker. “The frack bed underlies this whole sector. This was predicted.”

“Predicted?” Repeated Tarn in surprise.

Ignoring him, Daker consulted the screen on a hand-held device. “Life traces”, he muttered. “Human. Approaching.”

“A survivor!” exclaimed Tarn. “We must help them. You have medpaks, nutrition?”

“Reconnaissance only.”


“Commissioner.” Daker cut him off. “This is a military mission. And you, sir, are a civilian. Here to observe only. So. Observe.”

A young woman appeared in the distance. She turned as Tarn called a greeting- then he watched as she jerked, her temple suddenly bursting open and a crimson ribbon darting forth.

A sharp crack split the silence a fraction of a second later. She slumped forward into the snow.

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