What if Otario was upstaged by Luiti?

“Same place, same time, same girl.” thought Otario the hero of this story.

I am beginning to get tired of my dead end relationship with Grape. Everytime our relation ship is about to advance, Bowsir always steals her. Their are two solutions to my problem: Finish Bowsir or Finish my relationship with Grape. In this story our hero chooses the former.

Otario walked down the beautiful halls of Grape’s castle. He wanted this all of this but… Otario quickly ran out the door, Bowsir’s kidnappings had been starting to be come routine. Once every two weeks. Otario pulled his signature fire mushroom out of his pocket. I should be abe to stop him now. But instead of Bowsir a group of last year’s villains came in. Zario, Zaluigi and Kong. Otario quickly tried to escape put was grabbed by Zario.

“You’re not going anywhere.” said Zaluigi The evident leader of the group. Zario gave his grunt of approval. Kong go grab the princess. Kong leaped up to the 2nd castle floor window. To be continued…

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