Noir: A Crack in the Dike

The key, she took the key? When? How?

“Keep thinking Vincent,” I paced the room. We were up here, then Fabrizio knocked. It was funny then…

Damn her! Fabrizio told me the registers were closed for the night. It was late. God damn! How long were we in there? I went down to collect the cash receipts and brought them up.

She started cooing and writhing around when I returned. Wanting more, apologizing…

“Damn her!” I yelled and pounded the desk.

I put the cash in the box and locked it, but I didn’t open the safe! I did not open the safe and put the box in the fucking safe! She got the key after we began to mess around again. I never checked the box again…

I started to panic. Mr. D and I had an arrangement, he gets 20% of the cash take each night. Now I don’t have it, or the 80% for me!

That is why she is coming here tonight – to protect herself and screw me at the same time. Mr. D is sweet on her, she knows he comes every Friday night, I would never touch her here.

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