Luiti's time to shine?

BOOM! A loud boom shook through the castle. Luiti woke up in the broom closet of the castle. That was the best the princess could give him. But of course Otario got to sleep in a master bedroom where chocolates were put on his pillow everday.

“Well i may as well go investigate.” Luiti mumbled Luiti stepped out of the broom closet to see Kong walk by. Luiti barely stifled a scream. He was not as courageous as his brother but twice as strong. (That’s what has always enabled him to run faster and jump higher.)

“Mama Mia! A kong has broken into the castle! Should I try and stop him?” thought Luiti desperately Luiti was also unorthodox, while Otario beleived that all baddies should be stopped by his own strength or friendly objects like chandeliers, Luiti beleived sometimes weapons were a must. This was one of those times. Luiti scavenged the broom closet. He found floor wax and a mop. He broke the head off of the mop so it was practically a spear and then began to stalk kong. To be continued…

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