The Secret

“Oh. My. God. I can’t take it anymore. Aaron is driving me crazy! I just can’t get rid of him!” Selene’s eyes were wide and frenzied. She leaned against the closed door as though she expected Aaron to come pounding from the other side any moment. “He won’t leave me alone, no matter what I do!”

Cyndi smiled, her lips twisting into a combination of mirth and intrigue. “Have you seen that guy Aaron is always hanging out with between classes?”

“Trey?” Selene glowered at her friend. “I don’t care who your cute-radar is detecting right now!”

“Trey is the key to getting you out of this mess.”

“Oh, sure.” Selene rolled her eyes. “And how?”

Cyndi traced a finger across the table, arching an eyebrow. “The simplest way to get rid of a guy? C’mon, Selly, you don’t know?”

Selene narrowed her eyes, then it clicked, leaving shock written across her features.

“That’s right, baby girl.”

“I have to…”

“Fuck his best friend.”

“Really?” Selene’s voice was faint.

“Whatever it takes.” Cyndi turned back to her homework.

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