A New Beginning.

Luiti came up on kong with his spear. “I don’t plan to kill him of course, just to defeat him.” He thought "If I hit him just right i might be able to knock him out. Luiti raised the spear. Kong sudden swiveled around and grabbed the stick. In a split second he snapped it and had thrown Luiti across the room. Kong was not supposed to be this fast. Something was very wrong.

“Why little man try and hurt Kong?” Kong said angrily

“I think I have the right seeing that you don’t belong here” Luiti replied curtly as he got up.

Kong laughed, his outrageous muscles rippled.

“Puny man think he can hurt the Kong? Go ahead and try.” Kong taunted.

Luiti surveyed the situation. There as a window behind Kong and a chandalier slightly in front of him. It was within reach, Luiti got an idea.

“Fine then.” Luiti said to Kong Luiti leaped for the wall then bounced off of it onto the chandalier, it swung in a wide arc and finally came to Kong. Luiti kicked with all his strength. There was a grunt a crash. TB continued.

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