Debrief and Exposure

Sipping their coffee, she said, “I always wanted to fuck you. Even those years ago when we went to John Knox High together. Guess I can cross it off my bucket list”.

He only gave her a sad, pained look in response.

“So, I gather you still believe in God. And that’s why you went so fast up there; you wanted it to happen… but you had to do it before you came back to your ‘right’ mind.” She laughed.

He wasn’t laughing with her. He was exposed and her laughter was stripping him further.

He’s more shut up than a clam, she thought.

“Well, I can guess what you’re thinking. And you’re right. The only decent thing to do now is to tell your wife and leave her. I don’t mean for me, I mean that once there’s infidelity, how can she ever trust you again?”

Now he gave her an angry look. That got him going.

“You don’t know that. God forgives, and she might too.”

This time, she repressed her laugh. “Maybe. But do you really want that?”

He put the best coffee he’d ever had on the table and left in a hurry.

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