Drive Home

He tried to stay focused on the road.

But his mind kept playing out the different things he could say to her.

What could he say? Could he tell her the whole, painful truth?

She was right. How could Laura ever forgive this? How could she get over the shock? Laura didn’t even know this old acquaintance from his past who’d resurfaced earlier that week.

Ten years ago, she was just a ‘minor niner’ at their small Christian school. It was humorous to his friends and parents the way she had a little crush on him. She was a joke to them; the way she flirted and giggled whenever she got the chance to talk to him in the hall. They all thought it was adorable, the way a puppy tries to imitate a human.

He didn’t find it funny or cute. He wasn’t interested, but didn’t want to be mean. So he quietly tolerated her. Soon enough, he went to college and didn’t run into her again.

Now. How did she turn the table on him? How did she get to be so smart and seductive in ten years? How—

He should’ve kept his mind on the road.

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