“However, " Death continued, “you are lucky. I, being the all-powerful authority on the matter of mortality, have graciously decided to give you a chance at a chance for another chance.”

The man, already scared by the eerie eyes, was now confused, as well. Death, seeing this, went on to explain, “Mortals come, and mortals go. What I long to see, what I have spent many a year awaiting, is another like me. A being that doesn’t worry about time, or other trivial worries of the living. A being that, like me, is able to pass the veil at will, and return. Oh, they, truly, would be worthy of my company, wouldn’t you agree?” The question came across almost eager, and Death leaned forward just a bit and the man caught sight of his bleached skull.

Now, frightened as well, the man tried to answer, “I-I-I’m not s-s-sure what you m-mean…”

Death, having learned a bit of patience, leaned back into the shadows, and allowed the bones in his fingertips to come together, “Perhaps,” he started again, “I’m not being clear.”

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