Zero to Hero!

Kong fell out of the second floor window and landed on his back. He was not moving.

“Mama Mia!” Otario exclaimed “Who could have done that?”

A bold figure walked slowly up to the window. Luiti examined the situation carefully.

“Well this is new.” thought Luiti He saw Zaluigi and Zario standing on the castle lawn examining Kong. “If I can free Otario we can definetly stop them. But how?” Luiti thought
“Mama Mia! I know just the way!” Luiti walked back inside. “Now where is that spear.” he thought Luiti soon found it, he picked it up and walked slowly back to the window. “Now if I throw the spear close enough to scare Zario he might loosen or completely loose his grip on Otario, Well i have nothing to loose.” Luiti mumbled

Luiti threw the spear. It zoomed imbetween Zario and Otario. Spooked Zario loosened his grip on Otario. Otario broke free.

Zaluigi yelled “Don’t let him get away! I will take care of whoever it is up there!”

Zario grunted an affirmation and turned towards Otario

To be continued…

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