He thought that it must be a punishment; he was still alive and his wife was tearfully looking down at him in the hospital bed, clutching his hand happily.

“Oh, I am so glad you’re okay! God is definitely watching out for us! [sniff] I’m so happy that He’s given us more time together.”

He smiled weakly.

Well, I can’t tell her right now, can I?

“How’s the car?”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it. I’m just so glad you’re okay… I love you.”

I’m a scumbag.

~ ~ ~

After a few hours (or minutes?) of unconsciousness, he awoke to a different visitor.

There she was, smiling down at him.

In that moment, he was horrified — not of her, but of the thought that his wife and one-time mistress could be in the same building. But in the next moment, he liked that she had come… that he could look at her.

How did he feel about her?

“How does it feel? … Now that you’re a bad person too, like me.” She pursed her lips briefly, as if she were catching a gust of laughter before it could fly out.

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