The man appeared to fidget with that question. Clearly, he had not expected it.

“Well, " he began, “I’m not so confident I’ve earned that.”

Death, having receded back to the shadows, let out a sound that could loosely be called a laugh, “Of course you haven’t earned it. I never said you did, silly breather.”

Looking into the glowing yellow of Death’s eyes, he choked up the question, “Then, why are you doing this?”

Bony arms emerged into the light in a gesture of pleading, “Why else? Like I said, I am tired. And, there’s the ever-present, yet ever-slim, chance that you are the one for whom I’ve been waiting.”

“I still don’t understand what it is you wish for me to do. How am I earn this chance for a second chance?”

“Actually, it’s a chance for a chance to get another chance.” Death explained, “I would never make it that easy.”

The man nodded in conceit, “Fair enough.”

“The task,” Death continued, “should be somewhat simple. All you have to do is entertain me sufficiently enough for a week. Want a try?”

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