Friendly Advice

Selene felt the jarring impact and seeping cold of metal against her back. The locker echoed down the deserted hall and strained as Trey thrust himself into her. Their mouths parted only to gasp for air. She clutched at his face, eyes tightly shut as he lifted her bodily off the ground from beneath her thighs.

She had told herself this would be simple. She had not expected Trey to pounce on the opportunity. The smell of his body invaded her senses with the same intensity as his manhood. Now as she swallowed her yelps of shock, she wondered if she was in over her head, or worse, had been tricked.

There was a metallic squeal and slam, followed by a long stretching floor shadow that throbbed with oncoming footsteps. Selene’s heart raced. Nearing panic, she pushed Trey’s face away just in time to see Aaron halt, slack jawed and staring. The intensity of betrayal that flashed across his face was no trick. Cyndi knew what she was talking about.

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