A Map of Red Lines

Feeling empty once again,
just when I’d though this pain would end.
I flash back to the times when I last felt this way,
when my heart was this hollow everyday.
I though you were different but now I can see
just how much damage you’re causing me.
Falling deeper into depressions’ flood,
fighting the constant need to spill my own blood.
I create a map of red lines,
some highways and some roads,
never stopping at the lights
or yielding at traffic cones.
After all the pain,
my arm bandaged and numb,
the tears begin to fall
as I realize what I’ve done.
I seem to watch from a distance
as I fall to the ground,
the pain and loss of blood
making my head spin around.
I remind myself to breathe
and vow this habit will end,
but regardless of my promise
I know I’ll need my knife again.

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