Noir: 5 Minutes to Curtain!

I ran my hands through my slick hair – Damn! I stood and paced around my office, checked the safe again, still empty. I needed about five hundred bucks to pay off Mr. D. Of course I didn’t have that laying around.

“This is going to get ugly fast,” I whispered into the mirror behind the wet bar. I fixed my hair and poured a large shot of the scotch Maryanne and I shared last night. I slammed it and winced. That tightens the face muscles!

The clock on the wall said 7:25, I always hit the floor at 7:30. I have run this club without incident for 3 years, that is why Mr. D. trusts me, because I cause no problems…and I pay.

Such is the pace of life, the promise of the future is not to maintain the status quo. It is to shake things up. Was I ready for a shake up? Well, she was ready! She took me that cold calculating bitch. She was smart for a dumb broad.

No problems, paying up on time, every night for 3 years. I wonder what slack that will buy me tonight? Out the office and into the fray.

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