A Guy in Need

Since arriving on Earth about seven years ago, Fednor was still having a hard time picking up the nuances of human speech and behavior. That’s not to say he didn’t try hard. Things just, slipped by.

He was walking home from his pay-chores when he was stopped by a group of young human males. None were armed, and circled around him. His people often did ceremonies where this is common, so it comforted Fednor a bit.

The eldest male, Fednor assumed him to be the leader, stepped forth and pushed Fednor, saying, “Look what we got here; one of those damned aliens. Where are you going, alien?”

Fednor was as polite as always, “Friend, I have finished my work chores, and am on my way to my bed-place.”

“How bout you hand me your wallet, first?”

“Are you in need of these paper monies, Friend?”

“Yeah,” a gun clicks, “I have a real need.”

“Why, of course, Friend. Help yourself. I will earn more.”

Handing over his money, Fednor was happy that he had that chance to help someone. He walked home whistling happily.

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