Chilling Words (1)

“I’ll just keep ordering shopping until I find you!”
The words from last night rang in my head as I got back into my van and drove off. It was just a random comment, I knew, but something about it seemed… off. It left an unnerving impression on me. A look in her eye as she said it. An intention in the tone of her voice. It was just a comment, right?
For those of you just tuning in, I’ll rewind.
Two weeks ago, I met this girl. She seemed nice enough, slim but curvy, just how I liked them. I’d been to a self help seminar and fallen asleep during it. At the end of it, she’d caught up with me and nudged me in the ribs as if I was a close friend rather than a total stranger.
“Why were you here then, you obviously don’t need it.”
I’d turned in irritation but when I saw her, words failed me. “Sorry?”
“This seminar. It’s for insomniacs…”
The conversation flowed into general small talk then moved onto work. I said that I delivered shopping and when I didn’t say what days, she said… that.
Just a comment… right?

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