Awkward... Raffle

“Our last item tonight… Almond moisteriser, Almond lip balm and Almond Dry shampoo!”
I stared at the item that the host was holding up while his helper rummaged in the glass bowl filled with paper tickets. Silently I prayed that mine was ellusive. Last thing I wanted was Almond anything, let along Almond lip balm. I cringed at the thought. Please don’t call out my ticket, please don’t call out my ticket.
“Number ninety-one!”
I glance down at my ticket and see sixteen stare back. YES! Not my ticket, some other smuck was going to be landed with the bogey prize for a change.
I sit back and relax, sipping at my coke. Waiting for the unlucky sod to take the walk of shame to collect it.
“Number ninty-one anyone?”
George leans over and glances at my ticket. “Well go on then.”
“Go on what?”
“Go and get your prize.”
“It’s not my number.” I show it to him. “See, sixteen!”
“Mate, you’re ticket’s upside down.”
He spins the ticket round and 91 leers at me. “See, you won!”

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