The Love Of The Crime Series - The Old Love

I was only an hour into fixing the old farm when an old voice came from the corn field, a once calming voice.
“Well now I thought if there was one person who I thought that wouldn’t come back it was you Mike.” I was almost about to fall off the wooden ladder when I heard the voice.
“Well now I did not expect Miss Summer to be still residing in this old restless town.” Summers did not take long to walk past the old field, and cut across the old station wagon that was left to rust in the ditch.
“Now Michael you best be telling the truth, you not running from the law.” She spoke in her low whisper voice, still having the ability to make my heart miss a beat.
“No Miss Summers only here for business I guess you can say.”
I still couldn’t believe the love of my life standing only a foot from where I was standing, looking as young as ever with her bright blue sparkling eyes. I was a fool to love her once before, but I couldn’t help loving her.

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