One Question (5)

The Voice extracted me from my daze.

Was I sleeping?

My body shuddered and was reminded of the chains. For some reason I decided to tug on them, I had not done that during my entire detainment.

Why did I not resist?

The chains were real.

At that moment, while hopelessly straining against the swivel mount a grinding noise from behind me stopped me. A distance away, a bright white rectangle began to grow. The far wall, still not visible opened a portal. The light hurt my eyes, the pitch black of the chamber disturbed, I was disoriented again.

Is that a figure approaching?

A humanoid figure did part the bright light and begin walking toward me. It was a long walk, but the footsteps did echo around the huge chamber. I was unable to discern much about the figure due to the bright light directly behind it.

As this figure drew closer I still felt nothing.

I should be afraid, am I being controlled?

At last some details emerged, the figure was 10 paces away when I saw it, no facial features!

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