Picking the Loose Thread

Sarah only shook her head, “Look, I think you should go. I’ve said enough.”

Max cut Sophie off, “Yeah, she’s right. We’ve bothered her enough in this dark time.” He turned to walk off. Sophie hesitated a second before thanking Sarah, and running to catch up with Max. Sarah watched the pair walk off for a few seconds, and reentered the barn.

Death’s voice came back, and when Max turned to face the girl, he was greeted by a tall black cloak with glowing yellow eyes. He noticed, too, they were suddenly back in the small stone room as before.

“You have something to explain to me, I would expect.” Death’s tone carried annoyance.

“I assure you, I do not know what you speak of.”

“Don’t toy with me, mortal. Your eternity depends on me. Now, tell me. How did you die?”

Micheal was confused, “You don’t know?”

“It would seem, all things considered, that I have been lied to about the circumstances of your life and death. Such a thing does not happen, and, if true, I will be furious beyond words. What do you know?”

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