One Question (6)

This drone stepped up next to me and reached for the wrist shackles. He touched them and they fell away.

Was I free?

His face was without mouth, nose, eyes or ears. No hair either. Just a clay figure.

Wait! Is this a dream?

I often used a technique just like this in my writing. If a character was needed, and I didn’t have details available, or I was on a roll with another character, I just used a faceless figure.

“Follow him to your destination.” The Voice ordered as my escort extended a nondescript arm and hand toward the lit portal. I began to walk and he followed me.

Who is following who here?

My freedom of movement did not create any emotional change in me. I plodded along the granite floor as the meters passed. The door was now close enough to see that a bright hallway extended beyond it. As we reached it the light from within illuminated some of the wall surface. It too was hard granite.

This is some kind of cave. Where am I?

We passed through to the hallway together.

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