To her, from me.

at night, I think about what you’re doing
and what I’m doing
and how different they are
you’re in a different world
a world that doesn’t include me

i know
i’ll see you
and we’ll talk
and smile
and get along wonderfully
but you live in a different world
where there’s always kids underfoot
where it’s normal to go out and do something
with twenty of your closest friends

and i’m always afraid that you’re there just getting closer to those you’ve left behind
and getting farther away from me

i like you
and i think that we might have something
i’m worried that you’ll go home
and see, as you put it
“the only guy i’ve ever had a crush on”
and fall in love

when you’re there
i’m not part of your life
however much i’d like to be

i’ll send a text
and get a response

“i’m so glad to hear from you”
“i’ve missed our talks”
“i’ve decided i have enough time to go out with someone”
“and that person is you”

wishful thinking, I know
but maybe
just this once
wishes can come true

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